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Human Trafficking

Soteria supports the collaboration to develop and deploy the tools to address the prevention, eradication and economic devastation of human trafficking through global networks of strategic partners with a local presence.

Your donation directly benefits real solutions helping real people in need.

Our First Benefactor


Meet Nora, our first benefactor. After her kidnapper finished his abuse, he tried to cut off her head, blocking his attack, he cut off her hand. If that wasn’t enough he then poured acid on her face and left her in a ditch to die. With the grace of God she survived, your donations will help her and others rebuild their lives and claim a new sense of self. You can make a difference.

Donate to the Human Trafficking Response Program

People Can No Longer
Be Treated As Property

Our mission is to transform human trafficking and slavery response.


New technologies are enabling transformative solutions for vulnerable populations. Access to digital identity, enhanced personal safety and financial inclusion to prevent them from becoming victims or escape the cycle of exploitation. Many have lost their ability to bank and their identity has been usurped by the criminals trafficking them to finance criminal activities and fund terrorism.


We must provide victims and survivors a lifeline with financial assistance who struggle to create a new life and avoid being re-victimized.  We’re delivering these vulnerable populations access to a secure suite of technology and financial solutions through our growing ecosystem of partners, agencies and advocacy groups.


Our mandate is to empower advocacy groups to help them rebuild their lives after victims are rescued or escape exploitation. Initial deployment pilot projects include advocacy groups Safety Compass and Victor Marx with All Things Possible Ministries.

Our First Advocacy Group Partners

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Safety Compass

The Safety Compass mission is to offer support for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sex-trafficking navigating the criminal and social justice systems in the mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon. They offer in-person support for survivors, specialized training for professionals and community members, and advocacy during law enforcement interviews. Their believe that public education increases awareness, results in increased victim identification and better intervention outcomes. They bring a sound commitment to collaboration with law enforcement and social services providers.

Victor Marx: All Things Possible Ministries

All Things Possible Ministries is a mission driven ministry founded by Victor Marx to deliver positive change around the globe to those affected by trauma. It is this organization who led the search and capture of Nora’s abductor. They now stand by Nora helping her to rebuild her life and define a new sense of self. It is through ATP that we will hire Nora for this project as a survivor consultant so we may all learn from her. We begin with one heart, her name is Nora, our project has an angel among us.

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